A Surprising Admission From Judge About Yankees' Contract Offer

You know what they say, hindsight is 20-20. So Aaron Judge is feeling pretty good right about now about his decision before the season started to turn down the New York Yankees' $200M+ contract extension. He'll likely to get double that amount on the free agent market now after his historic 62-HR season.

But he surprisingly admitted Wednesday night that he started to have second-thoughts in early April about whether he should have taken the Yankees' offer back then. 

Judge said on @MLBNetwork that he had "a little doubt that creeps into your mind" about turning down the Yankees' extension. "You’re sitting in the outfield kicking yourself, like, ‘Man, maybe I should have taken that deal.'" Teammates & family told him he made the right call. And so does history. 

It's funny to look back on now. But the Yankees aren't laughing. They'll have a mighty battle on their hands to retain Judge now that he's a free agent. Particularly, according to reports, from one National League team.  

 Photo: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports