Random Fan Made 10 Straight World Series Predictions: He Could Go 3-for-3

You won't believe this unless you see it for yourself. A fan in November of 2019 predicted the next ten World Series winners, and now he has a chance to go 3-for-3 in 2022 for the first three years if the Philadelphia Phillies knock off the Houston Astros. He posted the 10 years of predictions in a tweet on Twitter. It is not fabricated, it's right there in his timeline. And here for you to see: 

Absolutely insane. The random Twitter user is obviously a Seattle Mariners fan; he goes by the name Kelenic is here (@bigdumperPm). He posted his predictions in November of 2019 that the Los Angeles Dodgers would win the 2020 World Series (check), the Atlanta Braves would take the 2021 Fall Classic (check again), and now he has the improbable pick of the Phillies to win it in 2022.

Granted, the Phils are the underdogs going in, but three weeks ago, who could have imagined that they'd have made it to the Series in the first place. They barely held off the Milwaukee Brewers for the final Wild Card spot in the National League. 

But Philly is 9-2 in the postseason, and seem to have some baseball magic on their side. 

If the Phillies do pull it out, it might be wise to go bet the farm on the Mariners for 2023. That choice isn't too out of line by any means, and neither is his 2024 choice of the San Diego Padres. 

Photo: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports