Video: Giants Pitcher Chirps At Own Manager, Gets Taken To Task

It was an ugly confrontation on the mound, followed by a private one behind closed doors. San Francisco Giants pitcher Zach Littell was apparently not pleased about being pulled by manager Gabe Kapler in the 8th inning, and had a few choice words for him on the mound—a confrontation for all to see.

Kapler is a manager that demands respect, and he immediately, upon his return to the dugout, called Littell into the tunnel under the stands for a private.. shall we say.. conversation. "Alright young man, we gotta have a chat," is the way that the Giants broadcasters put it. 

Kapler said afterwards that "there's obviously a way to" exit a game properly.  

Kapler added that Littell now "understands the situation." As for the reliever, he said that he was just frustrated with himself for his performance on the mound, and that he apologized to his manager afterwards.

"It's something we don't want to address during the game obviously... I went in and apologized for my part in it.

“It’s a learning experience," Littell continued, "and going forward, it’s something I won’t let happen again."