Seattle Mariners Sign Luis Castillo to Big Extension

The Seattle Mariners have signed Luis Castillo to a five-year, $108 million contract extension. With that, it comes with a sixth-year vesting option. If granted, he will make a total of $133 million on this deal.

The Mariners ended up winning the Castillo sweepstakes before this year's trade deadline and now they have signed the All-Star long-term. Overall, it is easy to understand why Seattle wanted to keep him around for so long, as he has been nothing but excellent since joining the team. In nine appearances as a Mariner, he sports a 3-2 record and 2.83 ERA. On the year, he has a 7-6 record and 2.85 ERA.

Overall, the Mariners are continuing to build their roster into a strong one and will have Castillo as a big part of it for several more seasons. On paper, this looks like an A+ move, but we will need to see how it ages from here.

Photo Credit: © Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports