Rockies Outfielder To Have Knee Surgery

The Colorado Rockies will be without 12-year veteran outfielder Charlie Blackmon for the final week of the season, due to a knee injury suffered last week.

The 36-year-old will have surgery on a torn meniscus, but he fully expects to be back and ready for spring training 2023. He said it happened when he planted his foot on a base. 

"I'll have surgery before the end of the season, which is good," said Blackmon. "But then I won't be there with the team. ... It just kind of stinks, this being the end of the season. You just don't want to have to miss time."

His offseason won't be affected much, he said, except for one thing:

"Instead of having a very active first month of the offseason where I do a lot of cool things, I'll probably just not do all those fun things," Blackmon said facetiously. "Instead, just stay at home and do some rehab."

He finishes the year at .264 with a .733 OPS, 16 HR and 78 RBIs. He's at 207 career homers now, and it was only a few days ago that he had the quote of the year after watching Albert Pujols notch career HR #700. 

“It took me 36 years to hit 207 home runs, so I’ll be 140 when I reach 700.”

And we'd all love to see him do it.

Photo: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports