Miami Marlins All-Star Infielder Has Surgery

Earlier this month, Jazz Chisholm Jr. was ruled out for the rest of the 2022 season. Now, the Miami Marlins infielder has had right meniscus surgery to help remedy his ongoing injury.

Chisholm Jr. has been dealing with this injury all campaign. He originally had the expectation to play through it until the end of the season but opted to have surgery earlier instead. Ultimately, it's hard not to understand his logic, as the Marlins are entirely out of the playoff race.

Chisholm Jr. will now be preparing for the 2023 season and hoping to suffer zero setbacks in his recovery. He will have a lot to live up to next season, as his 2022 campaign was a big year for him. He appeared in his first All-Star Game and will be aiming to do just that again. Yet, for now, it's time to focus on recovering.

Photo Credit (both): © Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports