Giants Option Pitcher After Blow-Out With Manager

Less than 24 hours after he showed up manager Gabe Kapler by chirping at him while getting pulled from the game, reliever Zack Littell has been optioned to Triple-A. 

When Kapler came out to take the ball from Littell in Monday night's 8th inning, after the pitcher had surrendered three hits, a walk and two earned runs in two-thirds of an inning, Littell said, well, something unpleasant to his manager as he left the mound. Kapler immediately took him under the stands to 'have a little chat' in the tunnel.

After the game, the two seemed to have it all sorted, as Littell apologized and Kapler said he thinks the pitcher gets it now. But it still all ended with a trip to Triple-A for the right-hander.

Of course, it doesn't help his case that he's had an ERA hovering around 5.00 for most of the season, but Littell will have a little time down in the minors to consider the way he showed up Kapler, a man who doesn't take any nonsense. 

As noted by Andrew Baggarly of The Athletic, the move will be costly down the road. Littell will "almost certainly" be out of options next season, which means he'll likely have to be DFA'd at some point if the Giants need to send him down again. 

The moral of the story: Never show up your manager on the mound. Especially if that manager is Gabe Kapler.

Photos: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports, John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports