Chicago White Sox Activate Pitcher

Michael Kopech is back for the Chicago White Sox, as the starter has been activated from the injured list.

With the White Sox looking to catch up to the AL Central rivals, it is certainly good news that Kopech is ready to return to the hill. He is one of their top starters, so they will need him to be healthy if they want to have any chance of catching the Cleveland Guardians for the division lead.

Although Kopech has a rough 4-9 record, it is clear that he is a victim of circumstance. Over his 24 starts this campaign, he is sporting a solid 3.78 ERA, so it's apparent that he hasn't been getting much run support. Let's see if things can change on that front now that he is back on the mound for the White Sox from here.

Photo Credit (both): © Lindsey Wasson-USA TODAY Sports