White Sox Reveal Subject Of Players-Only Team Meeting

The Chicago White Sox had a 5-game winning streak snapped on Wednesday, but it was a streak that righted the ship, at least temporarily, and kept them in the mix with the Cleveland Guardians and Minnesota Twins in the chase for top spot in the AL Central.

So what sparked that 5-game win streak? Closer Liam Hendriks has revealed that it was a veterans-only player-called team meeting. Only about 10 senior leadership members of the player ranks attended. So what was discussed? 

“Just making sure we’re all on the right page, making sure we’re all kind of united and making sure that, if there was anything we needed to air,” Hendriks said. “It was a safe space. But the message of the entire thing was positivity. Make sure you’re a united front on positivity..."

Hendriks said it was sparked by a feeling by some veterans that complacency had been setting in, that they were even a bit too cocky after last year's breeze to the division title. 

“We just expected to come in and roll over (other teams) like we did last year,” he said. “That hasn’t been the case. That was not necessarily due to other teams blowing us out of the water or anything like that. It’s been to our own detriment of us thinking we can go out there and roll over teams and be expected to win.” 

How “positive” they will stay, after a 21-5 loss to the Houston Astros on Thursday, remains to be seen.

Photos: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports, Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports