Somehow, Marcell Ozuna Played Today; Booed Loudly By Atlanta Fans

The Atlanta Braves have done a lot of things right over the last few years, building a World Series champion and signing many of their young stars to long-term deals. But what's transpired in Atlanta this weekend will not be on the club's highlight reel. 

After outfielder Marcell Ozuna was arrested for the second time in two seasons on Friday (last year for an ugly domestic violence incident with his wife), he appeared in the Braves clubhouse later in the day, and on Sunday, actually started  in left field.

Braves fans let him have it, booing him loudly. Some also took pleasure in cheering after his two strikeouts. 

The other noteworthy bit to take out of his somehow actually being in the lineup, was the Braves broadcaster trolling Ozuna by echoing his plea to police after being stopped for a DUI at 3:30am on Friday

“Here is Ozuna from the Braves” said radio play-by-play man Ben Ingram, calling him out for his "I'm Ozuna from the Braves" plea to the police. 

Ozuna struck out feebly in his two at-bats before being replaced by pinch-hitter Eddie Rosario. Ozuna is now hitting .214 this season with 109 strikeouts in 108 games. 

The Braves had already said they would not do anything until the legal process plays out, but this has obviously not sat well with fans or anyone else involved in the sport. MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal already reported on what the team's eventual response will undoubtedly be. 

Photo: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports