MLB Rumors: Insider Pegs NL West Team As "Team To Watch" for Juan Soto

"His value right now is at an all-time high point. Because if you acquire him before Aug. 2nd, you get three pennant races (before he becomes a free agent in 2024)," says insider Jon Morosi of Juan Soto. He pegs the San Francisco Giants as the team to watch for the 23-year-old superstar.

"One team I'm watching very closely in all of this, the San Francisco Giants. Because, they've been involved in different pursuits here in recent years. There were in there on (Bryce) Harper, years ago they tried to trade for (Giancarlo) Stanton..."

He then elaborated on the payroll leeway they will have to pay Soto a massive extension. 

"There's no more (Buster)Posey, (Brandon) Crawford and (Brandon) Belt are nearing the ends of their contracts in the next couple of years; there is a space in this team's payroll... for a player like Juan Soto... I believe they have the financial resources to bring him in and pay him."

Photo Credit: Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports