Twins To Be Missing Almost 20% Of Roster In Toronto

The Minnesota Twins will arrive in Toronto on Thursday night for a weekend series with the Blue Jays. But they'll be missing, by all reports, a frontline starter, a middle-of-the-order bat, and five players in total—almost 20% of their roster—due to their unvaccinated status.

All of the players will be without pay and service time credit during the time they spend on the Covid restricted list. And with Royce Lewis and Sonny Gray already out of the lineup due to injuries, the Twins will be seriously shorthanded. 

While manager Rocco Baldelli and president of baseball operations Derek Falvey say they won't pass judgment on the unvaccinated, Jim Souhan of The Star Tribune says these players are "betraying their organization."

Falvey countered with, "I hate losing players off our team that are going to help us compete, right? That's something that is disappointing. (But) I don't pass judgment on all of their decisions.' 

Photo Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports