MLB Rumors: Top Potential Destination for Robinson Cano

So Robinson Cano is back on the market. He's looking for a new gig after his time with the San Diego Padres came to an end today after only a couple of weeks. 

And if he's looking through the old rolodex to see which of his old contacts to reach out to, Cano should probably stop when he comes to Joe Girardi.

The beleaguered Philadelphia Phillies manager is looking for some kind of help for his struggling team, and he knows Cano well. The two won a World Series together with the New York Yankees (granted, that was 13 years ago), and Cano had some of his greatest success under the guidance of Girardi when he was the Yankees manager. 

On top of that, the Phillies just lost their second baseman, Jean Segura, for an extended period. Sounds like a match, perhaps? Tyler Kepner of the NY Times said on MLB Network Radio this morning, "it wouldn't shock me... It does seem like it makes some sense. But I don't know that it's really going to move the needle for (the Phillies), because they have such problems with their bullpen and the their defense."

The other caveat is that the now-39-year-old Cano is not the same Silver Slugger, MVP candidate he was a decade ago with Girardi and the Yankees. In 24 games total this season, with the New York Mets and the Padres, Cano is hitting .149 with a .371 OPS in 74 at-bats. He has one home run. 

 Photo Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports