MLB Insider Absolutely Destroys Tony La Russa: "No One Thinks He Should Be Managing"

With a headline that begins "Tony La Russa's Shoddy Managing" you know this isn't going to be a complimentary piece. Respected MLB Insider Jon Heyman is no fan of the Chicago White Sox 77-year-old manager, and wrote a piece for the New York Post that lays it out to bear, in no uncertain terms.

After La Russa's highly bizarre move recently of intentionally walking Trea Turner with a two-strike count, then watching the next batter, Max Muncy, hit a 3-run homer, fans, and just about everyone else around baseball—but especially Heyman—are piling on the White Sox manager. 

Heyman called the move "nutty" and "strange", and described La Russa's postgame response to questions about it, "indignant gibberish." He continued, "he’s managed so poorly he should be relieved there’s no mechanism to remove someone from the Hall (of Fame)."

"Fire Tony" chants have started to rain down on the South Side of Chicago:

Team owner Jerry Reinsdorf brought La Russa out of a 10-year retirement to manage the ChiSox last season, saying his greatest regret was firing La Russa back in the '80s (yes, you read that right–the 1980s). 

Now, says Heyman, "the way things are going on Chicago’s South Side, Reinsdorf’s second greatest regret may become not firing La Russa a second time." 

He closes with "no one thinks he should be managing, except perhaps one person (Reinsdorf), the one who counts."

Photo Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports