Video: Tommy Pham Suspended For Joc Peterson Slap

Tommy Pham says Joc Pederson was "f**king with my money" in their fantasy football pool. And thus, he committed the "slap heard 'round the baseball world." For that, the Cincinnati Reds outfielder/DH has been hit with a 3-game suspension by MLB.

And yes, we now have grainy video of the incident that took place during batting practice before Friday's game: 

Pham provided details of the dispute which led to the Will Smith-like slap: 

“I didn’t like the sketchy shit going on," said Pham. "Too much money on the line. F**king with my money... I said I didn't forget about that shit, and I walked up to him and slapped him."

He also added that Pederson texted some “disrespectful sh*t” about Pham's former team, the San Diego Padres, in the fantasy league's group chat. 

You can't make this stuff up. 

Pham has agreed to the 3-game suspension, and will miss the rest of this weekend's Reds/Giants series.