Video: Pitcher Fires Fastest Pitch Ever Recorded

It wouldn't be a surprise if the radar gun blew up after a blazing pitch today from right-handed reliever Ben Joyce of the Tennessee Vols registered 105.5 mph!

As noted by baseball insider Ben Verlander (and brother of a legendary pitcher in his own right), Joyce broke not only the college baseball record with the nasty fastball, but also the Guinness World Record for fastest pitch ever recorded, previously held by New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman (105.1 mph).

Joyce's manager said afterwards, "He’s out there making me look like a dummy (for easing him in this season)", while his teammate, Jordan Beck, who homered in the game, said "I feel sorry for anyone that has to go against him."

The Vols are now 40-4, and Joyce, naturally, said he's feeling "great", and "ready to keep going."