Oakland A's Making Wrong Kind of MLB History

The Oakland Athletics are in big big trouble. Attendance numbers to kick off the 2022 MLB season are raising eyebrows for all the wrong reasons as the A's can't seem to generate any buzz in the Bay area.

Broadcasters have joked during games that it's family and friends night or have poked fun at the fact they can look around and count all the people in attendance. To give you an idea, on Monday night against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Oakland Coliseum was jam packed with 2,488 people. It's the lowest paid attendance for an MLB game since September 9, 1980. 

How bad is it you ask? Just watch this home run by Rays star Yandy Diaz and peep the empty seats:

The worrisome numbers are putting fuel on the fire when it comes to speculation about the team moving to Las Vegas. The idea continues to be pondered and from all accounts it looks like the franchise will be moving. Can't blame the fans for not showing up after all the A's did all offseason was trade away their best players.

Entering this week the A's were averaging 9,016 fans per home game, ranking dead last among the 30 MLB franchises. To give you an idea of context, the Pittsburgh Pirates are second last and draw 12,256 per game. Oakland sits 10-13 on the season and hope perhaps a massive win streak can get the people back in the ball field.

Photo credit:  D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports