Bizarre Injury Leads To Major Dental Work For Cubs Player

So why exactly did Chicago Cubs infielder Jonathan Villar need to head to the injured list? Let's just say it should make the list of the most bizarre injuries in baseball.

Villar was working out, when he lost his grip on an exercise band. The rest is painful history: 

According to Cubs reporter Meghan Montemurro, the exercise band snapped back with a fury and hit Villar in the mouth, causing major injuries. It will require "significant" dental work to patch up. 

Add this one to the list of baseball's most bizarre injuries, like Trevor Bauer's cut hand while playing with a drone, Sammy Sosa throwing out his back while sneezing, or Joel Zumaya, who injured his thumb playing too much Guitar Hero. 

Villar is on the 10-day IL, and hopefully he'll have his mouth ready to go again after that stint.

Photo Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports