Trusted MLB Insider Apologizes For Calling CBA Offer "Sh*t Sandwich"

ESPN's Jeff Passan has built up years of credentials as one of the top and most trusted baseball reporters and insiders in the industry. He admits he made a mistake this past week when he seemed to call the owners' CBA offer a "sh*t sandwich". 

Appearing on an ESPN podcast recently, Passan said the following:

I looked at the offer the next morning and I texted a few players and I texted a few agents and I said to all of them, ‘Are you really going to take this s–t sandwich?’

Passan now says he meant to attribute that comment to a source. He's profusely apologized, as noted in this statement to The New York Post“On a podcast recently, I took the phrasing of a source and mistakenly did not make clear they were his words, not mine,” Passan said. “ESPN and fans rightfully expect me to be objective, and my record shows I’m extremely committed to representing all sides of a story. In this instance, I fell short of that standard.”

ESPN has accepted Passan's apology. 

The comments came in the aftermath of commissioner Rob Manfred saying he was "canceling the first two series of the season". 

We've learned today, however, that a 162-game season can be saved if an agreement on the collective bargaining contract can be reached by end of day.

Photo Credit: Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK