MLB Rumors: Colorado Rockies Looking for Power Bat

As the Colorado Rockies move forward in their rebuild, their sights are set on bringing in a power bat during the free agent frenzy that is set to begin. According to Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post, there are four names that should be on the Rockies' radar: Nick Castellanos, Michael Conforto, Kyle Schwarber and Kris Bryant. 

Rockies GM and manager Bud Black have both "made it clear that the club’s top priority is landing a big bat, most likely an outfielder," writes Saunders

Naturally, any hitter that has shown a tendency to hit home runs in the past would qualify as a "big power bat" at Coors Field. 

But Castellanos and Schwarber, in particular, are coming off huge seasons. In Cincinnati, Castellanos registered a career year going into his free agency, establishing himself as one of the game's premier power sources. He hit .309 with a .939 OPS, 34 HR and 100 RBIs. 

No full-time DH need apply in Colorado

Schwarber went on a home run rampage last June while still in Washington, tying a modern major league record with 12 HR over a 10-game stretch. He finished his year in Boston, with an overall .928 OPS and 32 home runs. He is, however, more suited as a designated hitter due to his limited fielding acumen. With the universal DH coming to the NL this season, he would seem like a fit. 

But Schmidt says he isn't looking for a full-time DH, he'd rather rotate guys through that spot. “We have guys internally that we can use (referring to the likes of CJ Cron and Charlie Blackmon). Especially playing at altitude and at Coors Field during a nine- or 10-game homestand. It’s a way to give guys a day off.”

The vast expanse of the Coors Field outfield might be a little too large for Schwarber to handle.

The Rockies, like every other team, will have to work fast, as the signings will soon start to come fast and furious, with Opening Day less than a month away.

Photo Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports, David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports