Video: 103.5 MPH?! "It Is Abnormal!" — College Pitcher Throws Serious Heat

In the absence of major league spring training action, here's a baseball fix to blow your mind. Tennessee Vols college right-hander Ben Joyce blew up the radar gun with a pitch clocked at 103.5 MPH. And that was just one of his ten pitches on the night in the triple-digits.

"It is abnormal," UT coach Tony Vitello said. "But he is an abnormal kid with an abnormal work ethic and fortunately he has been blessed with abnormal stuff, too.”

Joyce is expected to be a big piece out of the bullpen for the Tennesse Volunteers, after he had missed the entire 2021 season due to Tommy John surgery. 

The 6'5", 220 lb righty told KNOX News that before the surgery, he was pitching in the mid-90s and could "touch" 100. But he's obviously gained some smoke since the TJ surgery. 

Vols pitcher is a "wild horse, a wild stallion"

"Just finally getting out there and seeing it is really, really cool," Joyce said of seeing 103 mph on the scoreboard at Lindsey Nelson Stadium.

His manager, however, joked afterwards, “He didn’t hit 104. Disappointing," before concluding, "He just has to figure out how to tame that wild horse, wild stallion he has got. As he continually does it, it is going to be fun to watch.”