Another Hall of Fame Shutout Coming For Bonds & Clemens?

We're just 4 days away from the Baseball Hall of Fame announcing the results of voting for the 2022 Class. In their 10th and final years on the ballot, steroid buffs Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are perilously close to having another shutout tossed at them by the voters. But it's close. Very close. 

The 2022 ballot is riddled with accused or confirmed PED users, and we know how voters feel about them. Bonds and Clemens, on paper, have numbers that would make them automatic Hall of Famers in any class. But they've each failed to garner the necessary 75% of the vote for their first nine years on the ballot. 

Now, with one last shot at it, here's how the voting looks as of Friday, with four days to go. Keep in mind these are only the public votes — the private voters tend to be "old-schoolers" who are much more prone to keeping steroid-users off their ballots.  (again, 75% needed for election)

  • David Ortiz         84.0%
  • Barry Bonds       77.7%
  • Roger Clemens  76.6%
  • Scott Rolen        69.7%
  • Curt Schilling    60.6%
Last year, Bonds' and Clemens' voting tumbled by 12% from the public ballots once the private ballots were counted. So that 77% range right now isn't looking so good for either of them. 

Curt Schilling continues to be on the outside looking in, due to his dangerous political and racist views, and hate speech. 

The one interesting case this year is Ortiz. The former Boston Red Sox leader did actually test positive for PEDs in the early 2000s, but it seems to have been somewhat forgotten by many. However, if he faces the same 12% drop public ballots to private, he'll fall short as well.