Noah Syndergaard To Honor Deceased Angels Pitcher

The number 34 hasn't been worn by a Los Angeles Angels player in 13 years. Now, in 2022, Noah Syndergaard will be wearing that uniform with pride, to revive the memory of Angels' pitcher Nick Adenhart, killed by a drunk driver at the age of 22 in 2009.

Syndergaard told Angels Radio 830 that he wanted to “honor (Adenhart's) name and wear that jersey with pride.” Sam Blum details in The Athletic that the Adenhart family are moved by the gesture, and are fully onside with the move.

“We are of the opinion that we think there could be no one better than Noah Syndergaard to wear it,” said Adenhart’s stepfather, Duane Gigeous. “We appreciate the type of pitcher that he is and the type of competitor that he is."

Ultimately, the Adenhart family is moved by the opportunity to rekindle the memory of Nick, who had only a few hours earlier thrown six shutout innings as a rookie in his '09 season debut before his life was taken. 

"I think, hopefully, it will spark some conversations," his stepfather told Blum. "There’s a generation of baseball fans who don’t know who Nick is and don’t know Nick’s story. And (13) years later, it might be time that sparks a conversation of, ‘Hey, this was Nick Adenhart.’”

“I hope he wins the Cy Young wearing No. 34.”