Surprising Team In The Mix For Free Agent Starling Marte


Starling Marte had a huge impact upon his arrival in Oakland at the trade deadline. The speedy center fielder batted .316 with the A's and stole 25 bases in 27 attempts, in just 56 games. 

But before the Miami Marlins traded him to the Bay Area, Marte had said that he wanted to stay in Miami, although he turned down their offer of 3 years, $30 million, apparently looking for at least a 4-year deal north of the $50M range. 

Now it appears that Derek Jeter and Co. have apparently revisited the Marte situation, and are interested in bringing him back. 

As MLB insider Jon Heyman points out, it's not common for a player traded at the deadline to return to that team in the offseason, but it wouldn't be the first time. 

The Marlins have a treasure-trove of young pitching talent, some of the best in the big leagues, and would love to fortify their offense around it. Despite his age (33), Marte can still go get it in center field, and can certainly do it on the basepaths and at the plate. 

But the Marlins will have to come to the table with some serious cash. Marte is in high demand on the free agent market, with big-spending teams like the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies in hot pursuit

Photo Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports