Marcus Stroman In Some Hot Water


Marcus Stroman is on the free agent market, hoping to secure a big-time contract, now that the free agent field is shrinking on the pitching front. And not that an action on social media is likely to derail his market significantly, but he may have gone a bit too far this time with a couple of clicks of his finger. 

One of the most active players on social media, Stroman often gets into it with the media, calling them out for various reasons. But by "liking" a tweet with a blatantly racist remark against a journalist, he's gotten himself into some hot water. 

A Twitter account from @literallyvibe wrote in a tweet "Anthony DiComo is a wop" (an ethnic slur against Italians) and Marcus Stroman "liked" it. DiComo is a New York Mets' beat writer for, as well as appearing on SNY and MLB Network. The Twitter account in question no longer exists.

Stroman has claimed the tweet was "photoshopped", but Marc Carig, a baseball writer for The Athletic, is the one who screen grabbed it, and says it was in fact real.  

But that isn't the only "like" from Stroman that's raised some eyebrows.

Stroman also liked a tweet that stated "@STRO no shocker the Mets prefer the white guys over you king! Just keep grinding and time will show my brotha all love!"

Social media can certainly help some athletes get their messages out to the public, but sometimes, like when racially-sensitive comments are involved, it can come back to bite them. 

Photo Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports