Rumor: Cubs Look To Land Marcus Stroman in Free Agency—"Everybody Wants To Play At Wrigley"


It's been reported that the Chicago Cubs have been interested in acquiring Marcus Stroman for years. This winter, the New York Mets pitcher becomes a free agent, and now Stroman has his eye on the Cubs.

The 30-year-old starter says he'd be more than willing to take the Stro Show to the North Side: "The Cubs are always going to be a huge destination target. I think everybody wants to play at Wrigley in front of that crowd."

Stroman has been with his hometown Mets since being dealt there by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2019. But as he told Cubs insider Gordon Wittenmyer, he's more than willing to relocate to a storied franchise like the Cubbies. 

"I don't think the Cubs will ever have trouble getting guys... The organization's been so good for so long, and it has that history there."

The fact that the team tore down the core of its 2016 championship roster this season—trading away Kris Bryant, Javier Baez and Anthony Rizzo—doesn't scare Stroman.  The Cubs have said they will be "really active in free agency", and are prepared to "compete" next year, rather than start from scratch as they did with the last rebuild. 

"I think the Cubs will be fine. Even in their rebuild mode, I still think guys will want to go there."

Will Stroman be one of those guys? "I'm open. I want to be somewhere that wants me. I want to be on a team that wants me in their rotation for good and kind of go from there."

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports