Dodgers' Buehler Blames Himself for the Game 1 Loss

The Los Angeles Dodgers fell short in Game 1 of the ALDS and starting pitcher Walker Buehler wants everyone to know it's all his fault.

The Dodgers starter didn't have his best stuff against the San Francisco Giants on Friday night, and the Giants ended up winning the game 4-0. Buehler spoke to the media after the game and let's just say shoulder the burden is an understatement:

It's on me to try and create some momentum, I kind of sucked that out of our dugout. This game is on me. Buster has been in the game a long time. I trusted him to swing 3-0. It was just a mistake heater in an area he can drive the ball.

Giants catcher Buster Posey took advantage of a Buehler mistake in the first inning when he gave up a two-run bomb on a 3-0 pitch. The future hall-of-famer took Buehler deep and the rest is history.

Game 2 goes Saturday in San Fran with left-hander Julio Urias going for LA and Kevin Gausman chucking for the Giants.

Here's everything you missed from Game 1:

Photo credit: D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports