[WATCH] White Sox Lynn Throws Belt at Umps, Immediately Ejected!

A wild scene in Chicago as White Sox starter Lance Lynn was tossed from the game after he threw his belt at the umpire who asked him for a substance check.

After leaving the mound in the fourth inning, Lynn didn't feel like stopping for the umpires when they asked to perform a substance spot check. Instead, Lynn decided it was a better move to make way to the dugout and toss his belt over the railing for the umps, and obviously he was tossed for his actions.

Lynn complained after the game the ump took to long to ask for the check and he left his glove and hat there for inspection. Here's what he had to say:

I was coming off the mound and he was late getting over, so I left my glove and my hat. And then while I was going down the dugout to try to see the trainer because I'm dealing with something, he yells at me he needs to see my belt. So I tossed it up and he throws me out. Well, if you were on time, we wouldn't have this problem

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Photo credit: © Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports