"I'm Not Stupid!": Pitcher Claims Innocence After Glove Confiscated by Umps


A second pitcher has been ejected, and is now under suspicion for violating the MLB's "sticky stuff" rule, after umpires said they found a "couple of suspicious spots" on the glove of Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Caleb Smith.  The pitcher reacted angrily, and had to be held back from getting at the umps.

Smith said the spots were just "dirt", and insists it wasn't a violation of the foreign substance regulations. Smith's glove has been sent to New York for an official inspection. 

“I’m not stupid,” Smith said after the game. “I know the main two things they check are your glove and your hat. Even if I was using something, which I wasn’t, I wouldn’t put it in my glove or my hat. I mean, that’s just ignorant.”

The worst thing about it, Smith said, is that even though he knows he's innocent, the whole incident “drags my name through the mud.” 

Smith was checked two innings earlier and nothing was found then. If he is indeed found guilty, he will be suspended for ten days, and the D'Backs will not be able to backfill his roster spot. 

Until now, only one pitcher has been suspended under MLB's new crackdown on foreign substance—Seattle Mariners' Hector Santiago. 

Photo Credit: @BaseballDoesnt