Video: Tony La Russa Melts Down With Rookie Catcher In The Eye of His Storm


What is it about Tony La Russa and 3-0 counts? The Chicago White Sox 76-year-old manager is from a bit of a different generation than today's baseball players. Like, about two or three generations ago. Monday night in Toronto, he went all "Billy Martin" on rookie catcher Seby Zavala after the 6th inning. 

It seems that Zavala didn't get the manager's sign to not give Vlad Guerrero Jr. a pitch to hit on a 3-0 count. Turns out pitcher Lance Lynn did put one over the plate, and Guerrero deposited it in right center for the game-tying RBI. 

Earlier this season, La Russa alienated his team when he threw rookie Yermin Mercedes under the bus for hitting a home run on a 3-0 count, with the result being a complete collapse by Mercedes, followed by a ticket to the minors, and he hasn't been back since. 

As Andrew Joseph of USA Today's For The Win pointed out, it's hard to imagine how White Sox players continue to win with a manager they can hardly relate to, or as Joseph put it, a manager "who can make every game miserable."

Eventually, after cooling off in the 7th inning on Monday night, La Russa went back to Zavala in the dugout and put his arm around him, presumably apologizing... Or perhaps just making sure his catcher got the message. 

Photo Credit: @Sportsnet