Mets Beat Reporter Gets Roasted For Tweet Criticizing Marcus Stroman

Usually, when there's a social media battle between a reporter and a player, the two sides stick together. Not this time. New York Mets' beat reporter Tim Healey called out starter Marcus Stroman for his positive tweets after yet another Mets loss, questioning why Stroman would retweet clips of a great play he made. 

Healey was immediately taken to task, big-time, by his media colleagues, and others, for his unnecessary bash on a guy with a 2.84 ERA this season. Here's Healey's tweet/story:

Now here's the backlash from both the media and fans:

Stroman is known not only for keeping himself in incredible shape, and being one of the best pure athletes to take the mound in the majors, he is also a great supporter of fans in need, and helps with philanthropic efforts in the community.  Calling out Stroman is not a battle Tim Healey was going to win. 

And oh yes, Stro is a beast on social media well, so we'll give the last word to Stroman himself:

Photo Credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports