Wacky Mariners/Astros Trade Leads To Bizarre Home Run Record


When the Seattle Mariners traded their closer Kendall Graveman to their division rival Houston Astros, right in the middle of a series with them, a lot of people were confused. But one of the players involved in the trade went out and made the most of it, establishing a major league first:

Third baseman Abraham Toro was one of the Astros going from Houston to Seattle. He homered against the Mariners in the game before the trade, then changed uniforms and homered for the Mariners against the Astros the next night. Not surprisingly, that's never happened before in major league history.

You could say "welcome to Seattle, Abraham Toro," except that he already WAS in Seattle the night before. 

We can assume the new uniform felt good. 

Photo Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports