Video: Gunfire Outside Nationals Park Has Fans Fleeing for Safety

Washington police say three people were wounded during a firearms shootout outside the 3rd base gate at Nationals Stadium. The Washington Nationals/San Diego Padres game was suspended as fans and players started to flee into the dugouts, suites and the concourse.

The gunfire can be heard here:

One of the injured was a fan outside the stadium. Fans began scrambling for cover, some ushered into the dugout by players, and others running into the stadium concourse. The PA announcer tried to calm everyone but those attempts were futile. 

After a 15-minute "shelter-in-place" order, stadium officials were told that it was safe for fans to exit from the outfield gates.

Police say that two vehicles were involved in a "shootout" on the street, and two of the wounded are being questioned by police. 

After helping some of the crowd to safety, San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. sent out a message of prayer on Twitter. 

"Hope everyone is safe!," said Tatis. "Just keep the prayers up🙏🏾 thank you everyone that help in the front line!"

Photo Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports