Video: Aaron Judge Trolls Jose Altuve During Home Run Trot!


The Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal will be drawing hate from fans and players alike for a long time coming. Aaron Judge will certainly never forget the fact that Jose Altuve stole the 2017 MVP Award from him with the Astros' trash-can banging antics. Watch Judge troll Altuve's "don't rip off my shirt!" home run trot on Saturday:

Just to refresh your memory, Altuve was visibly adamant that his jersey not be torn off by teammates after a big playoff home run in 2019. Many suspect it was because he was wearing a wire that alerted him to the pitches that were coming.

Judge nailed it on Saturday, and had some fun with the media afterwards:

"Oh, no. Whenever they keep the roof closed here, it’s pretty chilly, so I was just letting my team know to button it up." 

Last year, Judge revoked his congratulatory Instagram post to Altuve on the 2017 MVP, so we do know how he feels about it. 

But as Judge himself said yesterday, with a big smile, "everyone's welcomed to their own opinion. Haha."

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports