"They're Calling Me The Next Shohei!": Brett Phillips Has Fun With The Media!


The Brett Phillips Show never ends. We showed you how Tampa Bay Rays outfielder, and real character, Brett Phillips took the mound Friday night against the Toronto Blue Jays, and put on a show! Now he believes he IS the next 'Sho':

Phillips says he hasn't pitched since he was 14 years old before this one. 

He figures his "intimidation factor" got inside Teoscar Herndandez' head, and also had some fun comparing himself to Randy Johnson and Mariano Rivera.  

"When I show 94 (mph), you gotta respect that!" Phillips actually did fire a 94 mph fastball for his first major league pitch, then dropped into 'eephus' mode, tossing pitches half that speed for the rest of his entertaining outing. 

"You saw ice in my veins," said Phillips. "I didn't think (my teammates) knew how electric it was gonna be."

Guerrero...Tatis...Acuna...Ohtani... Who's the real face of MLB? It just might be Brett Phillips. 

Photo Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports