Video: What Was This Umpire Looking At?? Top Prospect Bobby Witt Jr. Robbed of HR

Major league umpires often take the brunt of baseball fans' anger; they're called out constantly for bad calls. But trust us when we say, minor league umps can get it wrong too... This one is a real head-scratcher:

The umpire ruled that the runner didn't touch home plate. We have to wonder: Just what exactly is he looking at, then, as he appears to be staring right down at the plate as top Royals' prospect Bobby Witt Jr. literally steps on home plate?

A valid question! Just how much more of the plate does he have to touch?? 

Bobby Witt Jr. is one of the top prospects in all of baseball though. He will get over it, and hit many more HR in his career while stepping on many more home plates.  

Photo Credit: @nwanaturals