We Have Our First Foreign Substance Search!

So who do the umps target for the very first foreign substance search as the crackdown comes into effect? Sure, why not the greatest pitcher of our generation? 

Umpires at Monday's New York Mets/Atlanta Braves doubleheader decided to kick off the crackdown by searching the glove and hat of Jacob deGrom.

The fans booed the body search, while deGrom laughed. Yes, when you're Jacob deGrom, you can definitely have a chuckle about it. He has been baffling hitters in this league for years at a merciless rate; this season his 0.50 ERA is unheard of, and you could say that he hardly needs any help from the sticky stuff. 

After the search? He simply continued to throw 100mph+, and took a no-hitter into the 5th inning before exiting after 5 one-hit innings of shutout ball, with 6 strikeouts.

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports