Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Will Not Be Blasting Bombs at Coors HR Derby


Anyone who saw the show Vladimir Guerrero Jr. put on at the 2019 Home Run Derby will be shedding a tear today to hear that he has decided NOT to participate this year. 

Vladdy blasting bombs into the high-altitude air of Coors Field in Colorado would have been a spectacular sight to behold. But Guerrero has decided it just wasn’t a priority for him this time around. 

Given the propensity of some hitters to come out of the Home Run Derby and go into prolonged slumps, this could be the right decision for MLB's co-HR leader. Guerrero also says he wants to use the time to "regroup" and "refresh mentally".

At the 2019 event in Cleveland, Guerrero put on an explosive show, setting multiple records, including 29 HR in an epic first round, and 91 overall. 

The Derby won't be without its fireworks this year, though, as Shohei Ohtani has confirmed his entrance to the event. Ohtani and Geurrero are tied for the major league lead with 23 HR apiece. 

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports