Scott Boras Calls Out the Media Over Gerrit Cole Questioning

Big-money agent Scott Boras is pissed off at the media over how they've been handling questioning his client, Gerrit Cole of the New York Yankees. There's been a ton of attention on Cole lately regarding ball-doctoring and recently Cole gave a very awkward interview after facing some tough questions.

Boras took to Cole being asked directly if he's used Spider Tack, a substance known to be used by pitchers in order to create a higher spin rate and improve the grip. Cole's response did not sit well with the traditionalists of baseball and Boras thinks he never should have been asked the question in the first place. He didn't like how Cole was singled out and thinks the perception is unfair:

All players are taught methods of practice to optimize performance when they enter professional baseball. Asking G specifics about those customs and practices creates an unfair perception as it attempts to exclude him from the teachings and common practices provided to all MLB pitchers by coaches and teams. Players want to protect both their teachers and teams, so they are cautious to respond, especially when legislative definition is a future concept. With blind boundaries, intellect requires hesitation as any answer has a different meaning dependent upon the legislative outcome. Do not expect black and white when there is a gray divide. The focus of this issue should be on the lack of and need for legislation and far from the specifics of historical practices taught to all MLB pitchers.

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Photo credit: Danielle Parhizkaran-USA TODAY Sports