Red Sox Manager Alex Cora Denies His Pitchers Were Cheating

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora isn't ready to admit his pitchers were cheating and doesn't attribute his staff's recent struggles to Major League Baseball cracking down on sticky substances on baseballs.

Cora met with the media on Sunday and had this to say on the matter:

I don't believe so. Obviously the take will be out there, I don't think struggling has to do with stuff. Those guys are really good, too.

The Red Sox were blown out by the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday, including almost 10 HR's. The Red Sox pitching staff has been brutal lately, allowing 40 earned runs over their last 39 innings. They were outscored 31-12 by the Blue Jays over their first three games of the series. Sox starter Martin Perez who was lit up on Sunday echoed the Cora statement and said he is not a cheating pitcher and doesn't use any sticky stuff on his glove or arm.

The MLB is cracking down and some interesting numbers are popping up ever since. It's going to be quite the scene watching this all play out this season, but it was long overdue and needed to happen. The MLB can't have cheaters run the league and kudos for them for cracking down. 

Photo credit:  David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports