NY Mets GM Rebuts Pete Alonso's Allegations Over Ball Changes

New York Mets acting general manager Zack Scott loves having Pete Alonso in his lineup, he just doesn't agree with everything Alonso has to say. The Mets star felt the MLB has been manipulating baseballs to hurt potential free agents and the executive thinks Alonso is lost.

Scott thinks the ball changes have no influence on how players are value or paid:

I didn't know Pete was a conspiracy theorist. The way teams value and evaluate performance is relative to levels, so we’re not going to be fooled by offense is way up or way down. We’re going to look at players about relative to how the league is playing. So it would have no influence on how players are valued or paid.

The MLB did notify teams back in February that they planned to slightly deaden the baseballs for the 2021 season following a massive amount of home runs last season and the season before. Scott doesn't think Alonso's theory holds up and wanted to remind Alonso teams use analytics to normalize performances in changing environments.  

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Photo credit: © Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports