Max Scherzer Thinks Hitters Want Pitchers to Use Substances

Washington Nationals right-hander Max Scherzer has his own take on the MLB cracking down on foreign-substances and he feels like hitters want pitchers to use the banned substances for safety reasons. 

Scherzer feels it provides a better grip on the baseball and less balls will be flying at hitters heads in the batter's box. The Nationals bulldog met with the media on Tuesday and had this to say on the matter:

Look, this has gone on for decades, guys using substances for tack. Our hitters, the Nationals' hitters, want pitchers to use substances for tack. We don't want to see balls flying at our heads. Point in case: Austin Voth. He's got a broken nose. You can look at him every single day right now and think: Do we want more of that, or less of that?

Here's the pitch Scherzer was referring to: 

Scherzer thinks the MLB should work with the players to find a happy medium of allowed substances so the pitchers can grip the ball better and batters don't leave games with broken noses.

Photo credit:  Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports