Hunter Pence Is OK With Pitchers' Sticky Stuff: "I WANT them to know where the ball is going!'

'Get a grip on it!' That's the general feeling of now-retired outfielder Hunter Pence when it comes to baseball's foreign sticky substance controversy.

"I want the pitcher to have grip on the ball so that he knows where it's going," says Pence. "I wanted to feel safe in there." 

"How are you actually going to find this invisible substance?... It's going to be almost impossible to erase."

Pence went on to say that the big league ball moves a lot more than in the minor leagues or in college, and "it's hard to throw that thing straight... It takes off!" So if pitchers want to get a better grip by using sticky substances, according to Pence, more power to 'em!

Photo Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports