Cubs' Kris Bryant Calls Himself & Anthony Rizzo a 'Package Deal'

Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant has only ever known to throw across the diamond to first baseman Anthony Rizzo and he's hoping that's not changing any time soon. The Cubs find themselves in the thick of it in the NL Central but all signs are pointing to a rebuild. Bryant's hoping if he does get dealt, Rizzo comes with him.

Bryant spoke to Patrick Mooney of The Athletic and had this to say on the trade rumors:

Maybe that's why we are having more fun, because it might be the end. t might be the last time I play with Anthony Rizzo. Who knows? Maybe we're a package deal. We've said it plenty of times to each other. I think that’s why a lot of guys are really embracing it and enjoying it, because it could be the last go-round. A lot of us certainly hope it’s not. That's the way the game goes sometimes. We're at different points in our careers. But there's something to be said about us just really enjoying it - and it being potentially our last year together.

Bryant and Rizzo go together like peas and carrots and were able to bring a long-awaited World Series title to the Windy City. Their friendship will be life long and the two have become inseparable since Bryant arrived on the scene in 2015.  Both are set to become free agents this winter and there's a lot of uncertainty on the direction of management at this time. The results this season have been a touch surprising and it's likely the team waits it out until the trade deadline to make any major decisions.

Bryant has enjoyed a comeback season with a slash of .308/.386/582, including 13 HR. Meanwhile Rizzo continues to be an elite first-baseman on both sides of the ball. The four-time Gold Glove winner and three-time All-Star is batting .261/.355/.420 with five HR. Along with Bryant and Rizzo, the Cubs also have Javier Baez heading to the open market. Cubs fans, enjoy this season, next year could be a whole different ball game.

Photo credit: © Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports