10 Day Suspensions Coming Across the MLB

If MLB pitchers want to use sticky stuff to gain an advantage on hitters, it's going to cost them a 10 day suspension. It's being reported the league has decided missing two starts for using a foreign substance is the punishment of choice.

The new rules will officially begin on June 21st according to Jeff Passan of ESPN. It's great to see the MLB doing what they can to clean up the game. It's not often a problem like this peeks it's ugly head out and there's such swift action.

Tuesday there's expected to be an announcement by the league and a memo will go out to all teams. It will outline just what exactly is included as 'sticky stuff', which is essentially anything that enhances the grip or spin rate on pitches.

Teams have already done some prep work as they have asked who on the team uses it and are getting these pitchers who normally 'cheat' to throw bullpen sessions without any sticky substances so they can get a feel for the baseball. 

Ever since the league decided they were going to crack down on this, spin rates have reduced across the MLB and hits have increased.

Chalk one up for the hitters with this new rule, we should be seeing some more home runs the rest of the season.

Photo credit: © Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports