MLB Trade Rumors: Mike Trout Lands With NL Contender in Proposed Trade

Shohei Ohtani is gone, and there's really not much hope for the Los Angeles Angels as presently constructed. But what to do with superstar Mike Trout, one of the greatest players of all-time? As has been the case for over a decade, he's being wasted in Anaheim, and baseball fans are being deprived of seeing him compete in the postseason. 

All that being said, baseball insider Stephen Nesbitt has suggested in The Athletic that Trout will be traded to the Atlanta Braves before the year is out:

Mike Trout … He will end the summer as an Atlanta Brave. He’s going to get traded to the Braves, and I say this because … Mike Trout is unhappy with the direction the Angels are going.

...He’s still a very good baseball player as evidenced by what happened on Opening Day, and the Angels are headed in the other direction. They didn’t try when he asked them to add more this offseason. They went ahead and did not do that.

Sure, Trout has missed a boatload of games over the past few seasons due to injuries, and in fact has only played in less than 49% of the Angels' games over the last three years. But he would be completely rejuvenated playing on a team as talented and focused on winning as the Braves, giving him more impetus to stay in the lineup. 

Cody Williams of Fansided has proposed the following trade that would get Trout to the ATL:

Braves Receive:

  • Mike Trout, OF
  • Cash considerations

Angels Receive:
  • AJ Smith-Shawver, RHP (Braves' No. 1 prospect)
  • Nacho Alvarez Jr., SS (Braves' No. 6 prospect)
  • Adam Duvall or Jarred Kelenic, OF

The Angels get to restock the cupboard with a couple of primo prospects, while offloading most of the almost $250 million still owed on Trout's massive contract through 2030. 
The Braves get to add a future Hall of Famer, who, when healthy, is still one of the best players in the game.

And baseball fans get a chance to see Trout play when it matters. 

Photo: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports