MLB Rumors: Free Agency "Mega-Swap" Could Involve Juan Soto & Pete Alonso

The long-standing rivalry between the Yankees and the Mets for the hearts of New Yorkers could take itself to the boardroom and free agency wars this offseason. According to baseball insider and New York Post writer Jon Heyman, it's not out of the realm of possibility that superstar free agents-to-be Juan Soto (Yankees), and Pete Alonso (Mets), actually swap uniforms. 

Is it possible slugging superstars Pete Alonso of the Mets and Juan Soto of the Yankees trade places this winter?

While the most probable scenario has one or both star free agents staying put, the possibility of the mega-stars swapping teams shouldn’t be considered completely fanciful.

We’ve long heard the Mets may well go for Soto, especially if things don’t come together quickly with Alonso. And if the Mets do sign Soto, Alonso becomes the logical fallback option for the Yankees, (and) word is the Yankees would seriously consider (him).

Soto has had a rip-roaring start to the 2024 season—his first in Pinstripes—leading all of baseball with a ridiculous .478 on-base percentage, with an equally insane OPS+ of 206, while driving in 17 runs in 19 games and batting .352. 

As Heyman notes, "the Yankees will make Soto their 'top priority,' according to sources" so Mets owner Steve Cohen would really have to blow Soto's doors off with an offer to woo him cross-town. A $500 million price tag is certainly on the table as a possibility. 

But if Soto does somehow head to Queens, "Alonso makes sense in The Bronx," says Heyman, "as not just the only one who could approximate Soto’s production but someone who can handle New York."

It should be a blockbuster offseason in the Big Apple, and these two superstar free agents-to-be will be right at the heart of it. New York, New York. 

Photo: © Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports