Former MVP Candidate Elects Free Agency; Cardinals Could Be Interested

Kevin Pillar, the seasoned outfielder known for his defensive prowess and consistent performance at the plate, has elected free agency, sparking interest among MLB teams eager to fortify their rosters.

With a career spanning 12 years and notable stints with teams like the Toronto Blue Jays and the San Francisco Giants, Pillar's decision injects a dynamic element into the offseason market.

Despite a sluggish start in 2024, Pillar's track record of defensive excellence and offensive contributions makes him an enticing option for teams in need of veteran depth.

One of the potential suitors for Pillar's services is the St. Louis Cardinals.

Pillar finished 22nd in MVP voting in the 2019 season, boasting a .264/.293/.442 triple-slash line, along with 21 home runs, 88 RBI, 14 stolen bases, and 83 runs scored across 161 games played.

With Pillar's versatility to cover all outfield positions and provide stability in pivotal moments, the Cardinals may see him as a valuable addition to their lineup, according to Zachary Rotman. His knack for thriving in pressure situations and reputation as a dependable defender resonate with the Cardinals' emphasis on stout defensive play and balanced lineups.

Over the past five seasons, the 35-year-old holds a .241/.284/.422 triple-slash line, with 31 home runs, 109 RBI, 15 stolen bases, and 105 runs scored across 280 games played. Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports