Report: MLB Scouts Ignore Trevor Bauer Outing

Former Cy Young winner, and current major league pariah Trevor Bauer tried to prove that he's still got what it takes to pitch in the big leagues after a three-year absence, but it doesn't seem like anyone seems to care. 

While pitching with a traveling Japanese tryout team against Los Angeles Dodgers farmhands this weekend, Bauer was hopeful of catching an MLB team's eye. But there weren't any eyes to be caught. No scouts attended his performance. 

Bauer — who was suspended a record 194 games for violating MLB’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy — last pitched in the majors with the Dodgers in 2021. He pitched in Japan last year, and now that his MLB suspension is up, was hoping to get a team to take the bait on his offer to play for the major league minimum to prove himself. 

But while he was out there mowing down Dodgers minor leaguers (three scoreless innings, 4 Ks, 99 mph fastball), and claiming that "I was still elite", there were no teams willing to be associated with even sending a scout to watch Bauer, which could lead to even the inkling that they were considering perhaps taking him on. 

“I just stay ready,’’ Bauer said, according to USA Today, “and maybe people somehow will remember that I’m still one of the best pitchers in the world.’’

"I mean, if you think about it, I should have the opportunity to sign with a big league team," Bauer added. "I'm just asking for the league minimum, so it's not a money thing. I've served my suspension twice over. I've been cleared of everything in the legal system. If you think about it logically, there's really no reason I shouldn't have a job. But I don't. So it is what it is. We'll see how it plays out. I don't want to predict the future. We'll see."

The 33-year-old's career of questionable comments and life decisions off the field are still seemingly keeping him from having a shot at a major league job in 2024. At least for now. 

Photo: Fred Squillante/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK