Insider: JD Martinez "Likes The Idea Of the NY Mets"

The New York Mets could probably use a little more thump in their lineup, to protect the likes of Francisco Lindor, Pete Alonso and youngster Francisco Alvarez. And it sounds like, according to MLB Insider Jon Heyman, that they could have an inside lane on landing 315 career HR hitter JD Martinez.

"I have heard JD Martinez likes the idea of the Mets," said Heyman. But then he also went on to add that he also "likes the idea of the (LA) Angels." And in fact, he figures a pretty important voice in Anaheim is also on board with adding the veteran DH.

Heyman relates that Mike Trout told him this past week that he’s still pushing (Angels owner) Arte Moreno and "other higher ups" to add to the team. “He specifically mentioned ‘Hey, there are guys out there with 30 HRs’… well that had to be JD Martinez.”

As for the Mets, they have been in touch with Martinez, and owner Steve Cohen has reportedly given the management team the go-ahead to try to bring him in.

If it is down to New York and LA, Heyman thinks the Mets "have a better shot at" signing the 13-year veteran, as they "probably have a better chance at the playoffs than the Angels."

Martinez has already reportedly turned down a $15 million deal from the San Francisco Giants as he did not want to play there.

Martinez had a renaissance season with the LA Dodgers last year, belting 33 homers, his most in four seasons.

Photo: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports